France trip - Inspirations

I'm back from France! Although we did go there primarily to see the European Championship (EURO 2016), there were a few things that were on my must-see list.

Watch the video below for my travel takeaways and the one inspirational word that I'm infusing in my current paintings.

To increase inspiration for my work and personal life, I'm 

1. Simplifying  - this means decluttering things and activities that distract and take away my focus on things that matter.

2. Observing & Listening - this means taking time to learn instead of quick responses and judgments.

3. Investing in relationships  - this means making time for relationships to flourish.

These 3 things are part of the Joie de Vivre I witnessed on my trip. And I know this will affect the work I produce. 

What has inspired you lately?



P.S. For fun....the app I used to get the helmet effect is: MSQRD - try it out!