Art is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Kids know this.


Sadly, as adults we start over-thinking and then it becomes this crazy bundle of "Oh mah gwash, I don't know what to do!!"

Especially, if we think we lack time and the mental capacity.

My promise to the self-proclaimed non-artist JB (Joachim, my husband and good sport) who wants try painting is:

"You will not be overwhelmed with oil painting."


In the last two video episodes, JB tackled the questions:

  • "What should I paint?" 
  • "Which reference photo should I pick for painting?"


NOW Click on the video below to find out how i help take the stress away so jb, the non-artist, starts painting.


JB already thinks he's limited. He doesn't know anything about oil painting and he only has about 30 minutes a week to paint.

Will he succumb to Ann Alisis Paralysis or to Ogre Overwhelm?


Check out what he does in his first painting session..Click below!


Follow JB's journey.

He is as curious as I am to find out if he can actually produce something he likes.


"The lesson is that we can still make something even if our time and our abilities are limited." 


Por exemplo, this week I had a bad case of hip flexor tendonitis and I couldn't really do much of anything.

My one intention was: Make video #3 using only my iPhone, have fun doing it and then publish on Wednesday.


It made me think out of the box and I had to let go of pre-conceived notions that would stop me from getting to my goal.

Well, it might not be perfect, but I made it!


Now it's your turn...what do you want to get done? What are things you need to let go of to get it done?


Let me know in the comments below. Also, leave a high-five for JB if you feel led :)