Give thanks! - Update No. 55

Dear November,  

You always remind us folks in the US to give thanks. Thank you! 

Thank you for these two wonderful people who make me smile and who give me hope.  They shine God's love into my life.



Max my soon to be 18 year old. He finally handed in his college application!

"Caught Nappin" by Mic Boekelmann

"Caught Nappin" by Mic Boekelmann

Luisa my 12 year old. Her wish is to get a 1 inch piping tip for her baking adventures. Here she is holding a whole bunch of baking and cookbooks!

"Books!" by Mic Boekelmann

"Books!" by Mic Boekelmann

What are you thankful for?  

Happy Thanksiving from Princeton, NJ!!