The Dreamers Project - an exhibit higHlighting the people OF trenton

Sometimes you start with a vision. A spark. You work and execute until it becomes a reality, but you don't really know where it will lead you.

That is part of art making.




I started off with a vision to tell the stories of ten people of Trenton through portraits. My friend Delonte told his stories of Trenton through photographs. Both of us wanted to shine a positive light on the capital of New Jersey.

And this is where our collaborative work has gotten us: The Dreamers Project.

It is showing at the Community Gallery at Artworks in Trenton. 
September 8 - October 3 (opening reception September 12, 2015 - 6-8pm)


I've made a video of the works that will be shown. Let me know what it sparks in you!


Keep making art that comes from your heart!