When you go to an art exhibit, it's easy to go from one work to another and check things off, saying: "Oh I like that." or "Oh that sucks."

Next time you go to an exhibit, consider learning these 3 things from other artists.


Art takes vision, work and the knowledge that it is an ongoing journey.


1. Vision - It does not have to be grand, it might just be an idea you get while taking a shower. In the end, the finished product might not look like your initial vision, but you need this spark to get you going.

2. Work - Art will not appear out of nowhere. An initial mark needs to be made, then tweaked until you get to a point where you say: "I'm content. I can leave it as it is."

3. Journey - Even if a piece is finished, the artist continues on a creative journey. Each finished work gives the artist information on how to proceed with the next project. It is an ongoing learning experience which makes the ups and downs of creating so meaningful and worthwhile.


Karen Stolper and I have created an exhibit "YOU are HERE". It will be shown at the Anne Reid '72 Art Gallery at Princeton Day School. (Opening reception: September 18, 4-6pm) Show runs from Sept 15 - Oct 8. 

I made a short video of our work: 

I hope you come out and see the show!