It's been a whirlwind over here and it's a miracle that I can even get the sequence of events right.

But first of all...a warm greeting to you from beautiful Florence! 

Every time I cross the Ponte Alle Grazie and look over the Arno, I feel like I'm living in a piece of glorious artwork.

Donna and I have been busy and have been painting our butts off these last few days.

We come home pooped, satisfied and grateful for all the things we are experiencing over here.


Here's the recap. After Day 3, we painted from a live model. We had the amazing Rony who had so much warmth and character. It was a pleasure to paint him.

It was an exercise to get used to our color palette and to figure out what his skin tones really looked like. We basically made a template so we could use it as a color reference for our next painting, which was going to be the real deal.

Our instructor Martinho took a photo of our model and we did a transfer of that photograph onto our 16 x 20 inch canvas. Rony, the model, would come in every other day so we could check the correct color and values.

Here is the progression of my portrait of Rony.


Check out the before and after at our booth and check out how many Ronys there are surrounding us everyday!! I think Donna and I will be dreaming about Rony for a very long time.


If you're ever interested in a two week workshop like this be prepared for long painting days. Equip yourself with a good attitude, gratitude, drawing skills, the willingness to persist and learn. Most of all, maintain your sense of humor and laugh a lot.

Painting is a gift that you're meant to enjoy. 

Here is a picture of the great people in our class and an obligatory pasta shot just for you. Salute!!!

xoxo Mic & Donna

There is little success where there is little laughter.
— Andrew Carnegie