Once you start creating art, you build a relationship with it. And with any relationship there will be ups and downs. 

You'll go through different stages (I'm sure there are more!):

  • Honey moon stage: Everything is new and exciting.
  • Frustration stage: You won't get what you want all the time. I've heard from some people how they were super close to throwing a canvas out the window.
  • Zombie stage: You are going through the motions like a zombie without heart or feeling. I've been there, done that.
  • Deeply connected stage: You've found each other's rhythm through the years and know and appreciate the value you give one another. You realize it took work to get you to this satisfying stage of this relationship.

Well, my husband Joachim and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this year and much of the things I've learned in marriage I can apply to art. 

1995! I got the dress two weeks before the wedding, my friend Cynthia made the veil and we got a good deal on our rings: 2 for $99 from downtown Los Angeles. 

1995! I got the dress two weeks before the wedding, my friend Cynthia made the veil and we got a good deal on our rings: 2 for $99 from downtown Los Angeles. 

Use whatever resonates with you from the following list:

10 things that have helped me keep a juicy relationship with art

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate. It's important to dialog with your art. Listen to what it is saying. Does it need more red? Is it telling you to correct its shape? You might have to put away your preconceived notion about how it's supposed to turn out and yield to another idea that's better. 
  2. Spend time with your love and give it the attention it deserves. Invest in it. Put down your art time on the calendar.
  3. Don't lose your personality. Become aware of who you truly are and what you want. It'll help you make art you truly love.
  4. Pray. There are plenty of times I need guidance and encouragement. Shoot, how do you think I've gotten through the ups and downs of life and still pursued art and now come up with a blogpost every Wednesday?
  5. Try something new! I remember a time when Joachim's idea of a date was to take me Teriyaki boy every. single. time. Although I loved it, it got old. Add to your art repertoire. Try different strokes or textures. Look at Pinterest and explore different color combos.
  6. Make a commitment that you're going to stick with it. When I paint there are phases where it'll get chaotic and I don't know how things will turn out. But I've learned to keep going, commit to the process and not abandon ship. It's been worth it. 
  7. Laugh! Become too serious and you'll look constipated. Not a good look for you or your art. 
  8. Surround yourself with good friends who support you.
  9. Celebrate continuously! Take a step back and enjoy what you've accomplished. 
  10. Never ever take it for granted. It is a bonus. A gift!
Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton


Art is a gift that you can have a relationship with. It adds to who you are. You add to it. Take care of this relationship. 


What's your takeaway from this post? What would you add to the list?