A non-artist starts oil painting!

For all of you who have ever said: "I would like to try oil painting, but I'm not good at art." - this post is for you!

Joachim, my husband, is a self-proclaimed non-artist. I asked him if he would like to try painting and he said yes.


This is what he saID: "I would like to see a finished painting that I made, but I'm really scared doing it and I have no clue how to get there."


Tonight, he entered the world of paintbrushes and oil paint! 

Joachim wanted to paint a house - our house, his way. Since his last time painting (watercolor) was as a fourteen year old in Germany, he was basically starting from scratch.

He still remembered that he painted a house back in 1981.

Here are the pictures of tonight's painting adventure. He used a photo reference that was on my iphone. It's not on his easel because I had to use it to take a picture of him once in a while.










  • It was easy to paint with oil because you can correct easily (better than watercolor.)
  • It's easy to make the painting darker or lighter.
  • To be honest, painting with a brush was easier than drawing with a pencil, because you can make larger strokes and fill in things faster. 
  • You can be bolder with a brush.


THIS IS WHAT HE LEARNEd in 20 minutes:

  • How to use two brushes at the same time. One for painting and one for correcting.
  • How to make his paint thinner or "flowier".
  • How to erase when he messes up.
  • How to make fine strokes and thick strokes.
  • How to clean brushes.
  • How not to wear new clothes, because you will get paint on your shirt.
  • How to end up with a house that might look different from what he had in mind and be happy with it.




His encouragement to you:

  • With relatively little effort, you can make a big impact on somebody else. Luisa came by and said: "Oh my gosh, that's really good." Max said: "I like the ferns...oh those are trees."
  • Try something new. It's hard to really mess up and you might actually like it.
  • Never forget...go big or go home!
  • Start with one color. It's easier.




big picture

It's really easy to create something nice in a few steps. Don't take yourself so seriously or your joy will leave you!


action step

Pick up a paintbrush and experiment this week. You will create something unique!

Every artist was first an amateur.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson