Get your art goals done this year!

It's time to get back in the saddle and start planning those creative goals for this year! Now that I've written a little bit about how to approach your goals with a "Be Kind to yourself + Embrace Your Pace" kinda attitude, you're ready to jump in. 

There is a simple concept that I first learned about from Marie Forleo. She's an amazing entrepreneur who gets things done and I have learned a lot from her. 
I've applied this simple concept of Reverse Engineering to my art goals and it works pretty well.


This is how I've used it:

1. State my art goal.

2. Reverse Engineer: Work backwards and write down the baby steps to get there.


Here are some real goals that I've set for myself in the past. Some will have more steps than others. 

Art Project in 2014: Make a big ole painting that will fill my empty living room wall. It will give my space a feeling of vacation and inspiration.

Baby steps to get there:

  •  Measure the wall space that needs to be filled.
  •  Order the canvas.
  •  Find a picture that will give the room a vacation-y mood.
  •  Print out picture.
  •  Get colors and brushes for the canvas.
  •  Set up a space to work on the canvas.

Art Goal in 2012: Complete 42 paintings at the age of 42.

Baby steps to get there:

  • Buy 42 (8 x 10) canvases
  • Look on my calendar and see when I can work on the project.
  • Find subject matter that I would like to paint and create a file for it.
  • Say no, reschedule or cancel things that will prevent me from reaching this goal.
  • Commit to a specific deadline.

Art Goal in 2001: Sign up for something creative.

Baby steps to get there:

  • Look for art classes that are available on the weekends (when my husband could babysit my son.)
  • Sign up for class.
  • Show up.

Make sure to put your baby steps on your calendar, in the order that makes most sense to you. Implement each step when the date comes up.

Btw, here's the video of my 42 x 42 Project. In a previous blogpost I wrote about how a dream kicked off this project and here you'll find out the artist that inspired to go for it.

A little note to goal setting: Stay flexible, be open to dialog with your project (yes, I mean that) and learn how to tweak along the way.

Big picture summary

Start with a vision. Then work backwards and write down the baby steps you need to do to get there.
Reverse Engineering will help you get your art goals done this year! You can do it!!


What are the baby steps you need to do to get your art goals done? Put it in the comments below!