A new year. A new mantra for art making!

Have you thought of your goals for the new year? Everyone is making plans to make 2015 their best year ever. And like everyone else, my brain is buzzing with goals for six areas of my life: intellectual, physical, spiritual, social, family and financial. 

It's good to have your big audacious goals laid out. One of my goals is to make a big ole sized painting of Adam from the Old Testament, arm outstretched with a nice luscious apple in his hand. Here are some other goals: regularly walk to downtown Princeton, get Orange Door online, memorize Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lyrics for karaoke, attend a painting workshop in Florence, cook more and enjoy unhurried time with people.

So if you're ready to jump into action and go for your goals, here's my wish for you and for me:

embrace your pace

It's another way of being kind to yourself as you proceed towards your goals. 

Let me illustrate this with a story that happened this morning. 

Ultimate goal: To see the beautiful city of Salzburg where Mozart was born.

Main character: my mother-in-law

1. Life happens. Our car got snowed in.







photo2 (5).jpg

2. My mother-in-law had to walk to the bus station. She knew not to over do it, not to compare herself to others and to embrace her pace in order to reach her goal.







3. We misread the bus schedule and had to wait longer than we thought. Practiced patience and embraced our pace again. This didn't make us turn back.











4. The bus got us to Salzburg and we finally saw a glimpse of Mozart's birthplace (the walkways were too snowy to walk around with my mother-in-law). Practiced gratitude!






5. Bonus: We saw Schloss Leopoldskron - completed in 1744 by Prince Archbishop of Salzburg, Leopold Anton Freiherr von Firmian and of course it was the film location of the Sound of Music!  More gratitude! 






So as you enter 2015 with intentions and goals, remember to enjoy the journey. If you pay attention, there will be many life lessons and positive surprises waiting for you.

It's the beautiful art of knowing your capacity at different points of your journey and embracing your pace. 

When you're ready to pursue your creativity goals next year and you're not going as fast as you want to or think you need to, say this mantra: Embrace your Pace.


big picture summary

Create art in the new year and enjoy the journey. Determine when need to take a break and make sure to take them. Remember: Embrace YOUR pace, not someone else's. You'll do just fine. 


your one action step

Let me know one art goal you have for 2015. Put in writing and comment below!