The natural growth of an artist.

It starts out super harmless. You pick up a couple of tubes of paint like a titanium white, burnt umber, yellow ochre, etc. and start experimenting with them.

Your fascination grows as you explore the world of painting.  Before long, you wake up to a bigger art supply stash!

For the longest time, I only had a very limited amount of oil paint. I'm actually a minimalist.  

I love simplicity.

But because painting gives me so much joy, I just want more of it. In the form of color! So I don't really know why I ended up with 4 big tubes of Cadmium Red. It must've been a sale. For you it could be a different reason. Maybe you inherited a bunch of paints from someone or you got a gift certificate for your local art store and you went berserk. Whatever the reason...

What do you do when your art supplies take over?

Give them a nice and tidy home.

Use  ziplock bags to put order back into chaos or you can use these organizers I got from Target. 

I label each of the compartments according to color and line them with a paper towel: White, Black, Brown, Red, Red (yes, I have that much red!), Yellow, Blue, Green. Bonus: I do have a WIP (Work In Progress) compartment where I put the colors of the project I am currently working on.

Steps to organizing your art supplies:

1. Pick the supplies you'd like to organize.

2. Put it all on a table or in my case on the floor. You need to see your inventory in all its glory!

3. Organize in a way that makes sense to you. For me it was putting my tubes in color families.

4. Find appropriate homes for your groupings. I carry my tubes from room to room, so having a case with a handle on all of them was a must.

5. Take one baby step at a time. This week you might do oil tubes. Next week, tackle brushes!


When you start creating art, you'll inevitably accumulate more supplies. In order for you to find things more efficiently so you can focus on creating instead of trying to find things, you'll need to create systems of order.
Organizing will save you time and money!
(I know that I won't have to buy another Cadmium Red for the next 20 years!)


What's one thing that you'd like to de-clutter and organize this week? Pick one small thing like tubes of paint, brushes or anything else that's been bothering you for a while and then give them a proper home.