Have you been looking for an art class that:

  • makes concepts simple to understand?

  • is relaxing, fun and energizing?

  • gives you step-by-step guidance?

Stop going from place to place, door to door, one google search result after another, yearning for the solution to have someone at your side, cheering you on as you dive into the wonderful world of art.

You have finally been granted your wish!

This is the place where your "I always wanted to paint in oils and explore my creativity" dreams come true.

© Caroline White Photography

© Caroline White Photography

I'm Mic Boekelmann and I help beginners and explorers get going and get painting by equipping them with the most important foundations of drawing and oil painting.




At Orange Door, confidence and creativity are fostered by making the challenges in art manageable and bite-sized, always infused with lighthearted, and fun support - AND of course cappuccino.

$250 for six sessions which you can use on any Friday of your choosing. (Works like Yoga passes!) Home studio located in the middle of Princeton. 


Interested?  Drop me a note:





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the Orange Door:

I was wandering from teacher to teacher looking for someone who could help me learn about drawing and painting. I was at a show in Hopewell Boro where Mic’s work was shown and had a chance to meet her. Her work and her personality convinced me I had to try her classes.

Mic is the best thing that has happened to me since I started learning to draw and paint about three years ago.

She finds out what you can do and where you are in the learning process and helps you grow within your own abilities. I think this is one of the real strengths of her teaching. She knows how help you take the next step. One constantly gains confidence, learns and has fun in her classes. Mic works on your technical skills as well as being a true inspiration.

I entered the Mercer County juried art show last year. It was the first time I had entered a show. Mic encouraged me. One of my works was selected. Mic was directly responsible for teaching me the techniques that I used in that painting.

I highly recommend Mic to anyone who is interested in learning the skills of drawing and painting.”
— Richard Bilotti, Hopewell
I met Mic last summer during a summer workshop in Florence (2015). Upon meeting this wonderful woman, three things stood out; she painted the most amazing portrait - I was in awe (very skilled and creative!), she helped struggling me (and others) with my portrait (it wasn’t even her workshop!) and most of all, she was so lovely, supportive and empowering to us all. When I learned Mic was about to start teaching online, I jumped at the chance to work with her.

We began with drawing projects, which I would send to Mic via email. Then, we would meet on Skype for a weekly critique. Aside from our meet-ups, Mic would make videos with additional information. This proved extremely valuable, provided an excellent review and kept a record of my progress. Since summer, Mic continues to be an angel by my side while I work through projects for school (I attend an Atelier in Florence full-time). She Helps me see and improve. So grateful!

I highly recommend Mic for all aspects of art training. This excellent artist/teacher is lovely, warm, kind and very encouraging. She will help anyone take their art to a new level. Thank you Mic!!!
— Dawn Claydon, Florence, Italy
Orange Door has been a great experience for me. Mic is an excellent teacher, coach, guide, and cheerleader!

I have seen my skills improve and with that my confidence has grown too. As a result, I applied to a local art show and had a painting accepted. I plan to apply to another soon.

The unique aspect of OD is the personal approach to painting. We all work at our own level and on our own projects. We learn from Mic and from each other. That support and encouragement goes a long way!

As Mic says, “It’s all part of the journey.
— Jere Tannenbaum, Princeton
Since attending my first Drawing Basics Workshop, I feel more confident, not afraid to try different things and I found out that I can learn how to draw.

I liked that Mic is a very talented and good teacher. She’s nice to be around and made me feel relaxed. I also got good techniques during the workshop.

I’m encouraged to start doing things on my own!
— Tine A.
I wanted to develop a sense of my own style. I did hesitate signing up, as I was very happy where I was taking classes I wasn’t sure I should change.

Now, I enjoy my Friday mornings with women who are supportive of each other. We share our lives, our passions, our ideas. There is total respect and caring all around. OD (morning) is a gathering place for women to gather, create and share.

I would recommend the Orange Door to everyone looking to add a positive vibe to their lives. I ALWAYS leave happy, invigorated, satisfied, and complete. The Orange Door is good for my soul.
— Theresa Gill, Pennington
I signed up for Orange Door to learn more about the process of oil painting, as it was a medium I felt somewhat intimidated by. I am very happy that I did. I usually work with pencils and fast-drying paints, so I was used to getting a piece done within a few hours. I would make a piece with the urge to go quickly and that sometimes lead me to making mistakes. Mic’s lessons have shown me I can take my time and enjoy the process of creating, instead of rushing ahead. It is quite relaxing and fun!

Orange Door is a very welcoming environment. Everyone is welcome to work on their piece and not feel rushed, judged, or out of place. Each artist is able to learn at their own pace and Mic is a sweet and patient teacher.

I have always been in classes where our time was limited to complete our projects. I feel like in this class that I really have time to slow down, make adjustments, and enjoy the creative process.

I will definitely recommend Mic’s Orange Door to all of my friends who want to learn oils and painting. I feel that soon, I will be able to take my art to another level.
— Laura Beard, Ewing
Mic’s studio is a wonderful, inspirational place to paint and create. I originally joined the Orange Door for guidance in many areas of my painting and I am pleasantly surprised that Mic covers these with strength, understanding of her craft and wonderful humor.

I am always disappointed when I have to miss a class and look forward to implementing some of the wonderful ideas she has suggested I use for future works. Mic is a delight as a teacher and creator of art.
— Cheryl Evans, Princeton
I thought about the commitment and the distance, since I am not in Princeton. So I thought twice about the Orange Door. I also wondered if I would be courageous enough to paint in front of a new group of artists.

It has transformed my confidence because I realized in listening to other women, we have similar insecurities about our abilities, and it’s okay. We also have similar goals and aspirations with our art, and it is a pleasure to paint in a nurturing, comfortable and most inspiring environment.

The class is different, because of the flexibility you give with the schedule. Also, it is a private, intimate setting like no other that I am familiar with.
It offers a glimpse into the private art mind/ psyche of our teacher (you). For me, it is inspiring to see the possibilities that maybe one day, I too may be able to accomplish, through your expert knowledge and guidance.

It is hard for those who have never painted to overcome their initial inhibitions, but I would definitely recommend it to them as well.
— Tammy Dawkins, West Windsor
Although I have a degree in fine arts, I never intended to return to art. I am so glad I took the giant step. The experience met more than my expectations. Oil painting was a new medium for me and so exciting to explore.

Mic is a wonderful teacher. She guides you when you need it and gives you the freedom to make your own decisions.

Most of all, I enjoy the chance to meet other artists and witness how their work evolves.
— Mari Daetwyler, Princeton
Approximately two years ago I was strolling around Princeton during Communiversity and observed a particularly vibrant and talented artist painting on the plaza, named Mic Boekelmann. I admired her work and and after awhile Mic mentioned that she held classes in oil painting in her home. I had been somewhat discouraged by previous classes, so I contacted her shortly thereafter.

After my first class I was so enthusiastic that I recommended the class to a dear friend, who also started attending. Happily, she is also still there.

I had taken a number of courses with varying degrees of success in the past. In some I found the critiques more destructive than enlightening. In others, the teacher had a cadre of old students and dismissed the inexperienced newcomers’ concerns. In some I learned a lot, and in others, only a little….But at the Orange Door I learned to really explore my creativity, to be relatively fearless, and to be guided while still following my own vision and instincts.

I genuinely love(d) the easy cameraderie of my fellow artists, all with varying degrees of experience, all embracing their creative selves and turning out some pretty amazing work.

Mic fosters this kind of positive environment, and there is a very special give and take, and mutual support shared by everyone.

Mic’s critiques have been gentle but spot-on and informative; She can help you find that crucial shape, or shade or light that brings a painting to life. She allows each student to push themselves in ways they might not have attempted, and her optimistic, vibrant spirit permeates the class.

The class has good physical space and there is the added plus of Mic’s fabulous cappuccinos!

Mic has allowed me (corny as it sounds) to release my inner artist, and I am so grateful to Mic and my fellow students at the Orange Door.
— Diane Maller, Princeton



The Official Bio


Mic Boekelmann is a filipino-born painter and art coach on a mission to infuse excitement and enjoyment of life in everything she creates. With a vibrant, warm and dynamic style, her art and classes display the beauty and inspiration she sees in the people she meets.

This love and excitement for connecting with individuals of different backgrounds were influenced by Mic's childhood years growing up in the Philippines, Germany, Israel and the U.S.  She believes there are more things that connect us than divide us.  Her work creates opportunities for others to feel the same.

When Mic is not painting and hosting art classes in her Princeton home studio or online, she enjoys exploring the world and checking out food joints with her swabian husband and two cool kids. 


  • Portrait Society of America
  • Cecilia Beaux Forum Membership
  • Arts Council of Princeton

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: 10% of all Mic B Studio profits go to the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation

MIC'S ART : www.micboekelmann.com






2016 Allied Artists of America Annual Exhibition at Salmagundi Club, NYC

2016 Artist of Yardley Juried Exhibit

2016 Black History Month Exhibit, Portraits & Photography of Trenton by Mic Boekelmann & Delonte Harrod, Munich Re America

2015 Phillips' Mill Juried Exhibit, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

2015 "Dreamers Project", Portraits & Photography of Trenton by Mic Boekelmann & Delonte Harrod, Artworks, Trenton

2015 "You are Here" Exhibition, Portraits and Landscapes by Mic Boekelmann and Karen Stolper,  Anne Reid '72 Gallery, Princeton Day School

2015 Ellarslie Open 32, Juried Exhibit, Trenton City Museum, New Jersey

2014 Phillips' Mill Juried Exhibit, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

2014 Salmagundi Club Non-Members Juried Exhibit, NYC

2014 Ellarslie Open XXXI Juried Exhibit, Trenton City Museum, New Jersey

2014 Exhibit with Art+10 "Looking In/Looking Out", Arts Council of Princeton, New Jersey

2014 Artists of Yardley 3rd Annual Juried Show, Pennsylvania

2014 Mercer County Artist Juried Exhibit, New Jersey

2013 Small Works II Juried Exhibit – Jeffrey Leder Gallery, NYC

2013 Artists of Yardley 2nd Annual Juried Show, Pennsylvania

2013 Juror’s Choice  Award – Mercer County Artist Juried Exhibit, New Jersey

2012 New Hope Arts League Juried Show, New Jersey

2012 Juried Show by the Monroe Township Cultural Arts Commission

2012Award for Oil Painting in Memory of Babette Martino Given by Paul and Harriet Gratz – Phillips’ Mill Juried Exhibit, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

2012 Arts Council Members Show

2012 Honorable Mention – Mercer County Artists Juried Exhibit, New Jersey

2011  Hughes Award – Phillips’ Mill Juried Exhibit, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

2011  Runner Up – Drawing – Artists of Yardley Members Show, Pennsylvania

2011  Runner Up – Painting – Ellarslie Open XXIX Juried Exhibit, Trenton City Museum, New Jersey

2011  Honorable Mention – Mercer County Artists Juried Exhibit, New Jersey

2010 Ellarslie Open XXVIII Juried Exhibit, Trenton City Museum, New Jersey

2010 Mercer County Artists Juried Exhibit, New Jersey

2009 Mercer County Artists Juried Exhibit, New Jersey

2003 Mercer County Artists Juried Exhibit, New Jersey

2002 Mercer County Artists Juried Exhibit, New Jersey

2001 Solo Exhibit, Sardenhaus, Munich, Germany



2015  Methods of Contemporary Portrait Painters, Martinho Correia, Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy

2012  Techniques of Caravaggio with Inga Lloyeva, Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy

2009-2011  Classical Atelier Training with John Murdoch, Gold Light Studios, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

1992  B.A. Psychology, University of California at Berkeley